Current Events/Causes

Current Events/Causes

The Australian wildfires are absolutely heartbreaking. I'm donating the sale of this painting to the World Wildlife Fund - which has set up a specific “Help Save Koalas” fund.

"Blind Spot", 6 x 8 inches, 2019, oil on panel, $100. The full sale ($100%) will go directly to World Wildlife Fund. 

(free shipping for US only) 

Or if paintings aren't your thing, you can donate directly to them, here.

They explain exactly where your money could go in helping to prevent koalas from becoming extinct:

• $50 “could help plant the first 10,000 urgently needed trees in critical koala habitat.”

• $75 “could help provide emergency care and medicine for injured koalas affected by bushfires.”

• $100 “could help protect existing forest and woodland, and the wildlife that live there.”

• $150 “could help pressure governments to strengthen laws that prevent excessive tree-clearing, before it’s too late.”